Premio Espectáculo Revelación 2019

Premios Lorca de la Asociación de las Artes Escénicas de Andalucía



Dance piece with four performers and one hour lenght. Suitable for all audiences.​

  • Direction, dramaturgy and choreography: Ana Rando.

  • Performers: Esther Medina, Kino Luque, Eva Alonso, Arturo Vargas.

  • Cloting design: Lola Rando and Ana Rando.

  • Tailoring: Lola Rando and Maria Lafau. 

  • Hairdressing: Nieves Elena.

  • Music Compilation: Ana Rando.

  • Lighting Design: Adolfo Rodriguez. 

  • Scenography Design: Ana Rando.

  • Scenography planning and building: Lola Garcia Segovia and Itaca Producciones.

  • Photography: Dani Pérez and Maysa Carrillo.

  • Production: Factoría Echegaray. 

  • Distribution: Ana Rando.

Azul Prusia Azul Berlín (Prusian Blue Berlin Blue) focuses on the life and legacy of the russian jewish painter Marc Chagall from his birth in 1887 to his wife´s passing, Bella Roselfeld, in 1944. 

The dance piece dialogues with Chagall´s language, immersing in its codes, observing the man, his life and his work. On stage, dance, mutation to different skins, fantasy wandering with reality. We embrace Chagall´s beauty without trick. Colour and life. The dance flies, talks with love, vibrates.

"A very refined work of the director that manages to catch the audience attention with the gracefullness of her choreographies. Demonstrates a great ability to develop the sequences that build the story through the scenic space. Sometimes very explanatory but also very allegorical on other occasions. A diversity that provokes interest."

Paco Inestrosa (review for La Opinión 11/10/18)

A life, a beauty, an animal, a human.
A free flying soul that transforms,
muting, dying with vivid colours
towards dreamy beauty.
Universe, thoughts and reality jumble; 
sculpting bodies,
tearing movements with leaps,
picaresque and tenderness.
Wild surrender. 




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Málaga, España.

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