Contemporary dance show with a performer and 50 minutes of duration. Suitable for all audiences.


Direction, dramaturgy, staging design and costume design: Ana Rando.

Choreography and performance: Ana Rando.

Hairdresser: Nieves Elena.

Selection and musical edition: Ana Rando.

Lighting design: Adolfo Rodríguez. 

Photography: Marina M. Luna and Maysa Carrillo.

Production and Distribution: Ana Rando.

Recognizing one's old age and responding positively to internal and external changes turn this vital stage into a challenge.

In a time of accent to the productivity as we live, only acceptance, understanding and social consciousness can humanize and reveal the richness that treasures this shared experience.

With its roughness and sweetness, old age comes, Finitude is a fact. To embrace it and make that need a virtue is, not only a common responsibility but an art sublime of powerful beauty.

We are working on this dance piece. We will be adding some brushstrokes to the website but its big day will be the premiere in November at Teatro Echegaray. We will be delighted to meet you there. Tickets can be purchased at:

+ 34 661 06 84 98

Málaga, España.

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