The company was founded in 2014 in the city of Málaga (South of Spain) under the artistic direction of Ana Rando. Freedom, nudity and knowledge desires are the pillars of this project placed between the excitement of unconformity and the calm of Nature, a proposal that lays emphasis on the development of the choreographic language itself and turns dance into subject.

Ana Rando graduates in Ballet and Contemporary Dance at Conservatorio Profesional y Superior de Danza de Málaga. She also studies in Artez Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten in Arnhem and The Place, Siobhan Davies and Greenwich Dance Agency in London. Her creative personality  forges in a constant concern for learning and a deep love for arts and for the language of dance in its purest form.  

The company shows versatile productions, creative processes in constant renovation leading to alive creations where themes, performers and styles adapt to new ideas. The repertoire of the company includes: Noiseless, Cavila, dance pieces for singular spaces and the last creation Azul Prusia Azul Berlin. All of them reveal a particular character and bring to light the value of the choreographic language as a way of expression.

The proyect keeps growing up


+ 34 661 06 84 98

Málaga, España.

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